The Vegan Pastry is a family run Blog.
Our Goal is to help anyone become a better Dessert Maker, no matter where you start from.
We make Vegan Desserts of any kind.
We aim to create baking & pastry related content and new recipes to share with all of you. We want you to feel more confident in your baking fun at home.
We believe Pastry & baking should be all about fun and enjoying the process, to do this we try to share tips to lower any chance of baking frustration; massive cake eruption in the oven, dry cakes, melting crying desserts and all sort of kitchen disasters and “horror” results (all the things that happen to us daily while developing new recipes).
Like many we started from 0 and we want to share all the tips we can on how to avoid a few common mistakes while creating desserts.
We think recipes are really important, but we want to go beyond them and explain how to work with the ingredients applying few easy techniques. This is the reason why we post tutorial videos, step by step in which you can easily watch all the process to arrive at the final Dessert.
We hope to make Vegan Baking more accessible to anyone who enjoys it.


“I inherited the love for cooking from my grandmother who was a chef in Spain. I remember nostalgically the moments we were preparing small masterpieces to enjoy together.

Desserts for me are a moment of happiness to share together, it’s the end of the meal that brings joy to the palate.

In the market of Malaga, my city, I learned to discover food using all 5 senses, to search for quality and freshness to incorporate into my desserts.

I love cake decorating and modern cake, I try to twist and incorporate different styles in my preparations.

In my daily life I am a diving instructor and I love to challenge my husband to practice any kind of sport “.


“I have always loved classic, decadent style, pastry desserts,  while trying new flavors and adding a twist to classic elements is my specialty.

I recently fall in love with entremets and cold pastries.

I have trained mostly in Italian and French pastry, but traveling and thanks to the internet I find interesting elements in every dessert of the planet. Elements that can be included in my dishes.

I consider cooking a form of art and I like to take care of the details. My personal challenge is trying to make vegan pastry more appealing  to everyone.

When I don’t prepare desserts, I love sport and staying fit involving my whole family in outdoor adventures and activities. “

Our story

We met in 2015 working as nurses in England and we have never separated since then.

We got married one year later in Brighton and started to develop our baking passion together. In the back of our minds we started to cultivate the dream of opening together a pastry shop and a website, We wanted to provide support and content to every pastry lover who, like us, desired to grow and improve their recipes and skills.

We have continued for few years with home baking and to build on our catastrophic results. While improving on day by day we were continuing our careers.

At the beginning of 2018 we welcomed Evon, our first puppy, to our family and we continued to experiment in the art of dessert.

Enthusiastic with Evon in our lifes we later had the news that Carmen was pregnant, we also took the little Nova with us (our second puppy).

Over the last three years, following the change in our lifestyle, we have specialized in Vegan pastry. We followed online and face to face courses in UK and in USA.

The turning point for us was in 2019. We had our first child, Leonardo, and we decided to change everything in our lives. We took matter in our hands and decided was time to give it a try.

We are now here, living every day, the dream of being together in this sweet adventure that we are sharing with you in every post and video.

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