Caramelized Pears for your Cake Decoration

Follow this simple recipe

To create this Decoration to top your Chocolate cake you need:

  • Fresh Pears (depending on the size of your cake 3 or more)
  • Water  1 unit
  • Sugar 1/2 unit
You want to choose a Pear variety that is not to sweet, oval in shape, with smooth skin and not too tender (or it will break while cooking)
Wash your pears under a running tap and rub them under water, so they are nice and clean. 
Watch the Video and cut the pears in the same way. You can decide the pear slices size, but try to cut them all the same thickness. If you want your decoration to be more transparent cut them thinner, otherwise go for a thicker cut.
To cook the pears you want to add 1/2 the amount of sugar to the water in a heavy saucepan (ratio water-sugar  1 : 1/2 ). You want to have enough liquid to cover the pears entirely. 
After mixing Sugar and water, let simmer and then boil the liquid. Once it start boiling add the pear one at the time helping yourself with a fork.
Cooking time will be different base on the pear variety you choose and the thickness of your pear slices. You will realize that your pears are ready when, holding them with your fork, they will come out cover in syrup, arched around the fork and they will be translucent. 
Let them cool on parchment paper and decorate your cake.
We made a Chocolate Pear Cake and use the Caramelized Pears to decorate it.
Do not waste your cooking water as it is now Pear aromatized syrup, you can use it in many different ways, or as a sweetener in your desserts. In the video we are covering your chocolate cake with a mirror chocolate glaze, made using  some  dark chocolate and the pear syrup.
Hope you enjoy this short video and that you will be able to create your own caramelized pear decoration to shock finishing your cake.

Let’s change the world today one dessert at the time.