Easy Vegan Chocolate Buttercream

Easy Vegan Chocolate Buttercream - makes 600gr (12 cupcakes frosting)


  • Vegan butter 250gr (you can use the one you prefer just keep in mind, that if the fat content is not 80% and you are following the proportion in this recipe, you may need to keep your cupcake in the fridge and leave them out before serving)
  • Icing sugar 300gr
  • Cocoa powder 38gr
  • a pinch of Salt

How to prepare The Vegan Chocolate Buttercream

For the best result use butter that is at room temperature, this temperature may be different depending of the tipe of butter you are using. In some cases you don’t even need to leave your vegan butter outside of the fridge before starting with the recipe. So what we mean here with room temperature butter?

Your butter need to have the right consistency. The perfect consistency for your butter, to make this recipe, means the butter will hold its shape. If you press into it, it will offer a little resistance, and your finger should come out just slightly cover and not fully grease with melted butter. With this general rule you can select the vegan butter you prefer.

Add The Butter to your mix bowl.

Using a stand mixer with the paddle attachment start creaming the butter at medium speed.

Add the salt and keep mixing.

Add the sifted cocoa powder. Add a spoon at the time if you are scaling the recipe to avoid messing all your working station. Keep mixing at medium speed.

Add the sifted icing sugar two tablespoons at the time. While mixing at medium speed and increasing to high speed after each addition.

Once all the sugar is fully incorporated keep mixing at High speed until light, airy and fluffy.

Pipe your Vegan Chocolate Buttercream on your cupcakes or use it to frost a cake.

In the video we are finishing our vanilla cupcakes piping the chocolate buttercream with a Russian Ball Piping Tip  and decorating with some chopped chocolate and Amarena Cherry. For the full video cupcake recipe click The Perfect Vanilla cupcake with Fig Jam & Chocolate Buttercream

In this recipe we are keeping the sugar to a minimum, to have structure without adding to much sugar. Because we are reducing the sugar content, in the recipe, you may need to keep your pastry good in the fridge and leave it out 30min to 1 hour before serving it.

Let’s change the world today one dessert at the time.

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