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All the Details and Video Tutorials to Make our Desserts at Home

We Upload new recipes with video tutorial and all the details to help you create your vegan dessert at home. Appealing and tasty vegan dessert for your guest, customers, family or friends. 

No matter what your background is, even if you have never prepared a dessert before, you will have all the details you need to make the Vegan dessert you see in the video at home. We created this space to support you in your vegan dessert making.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Fig Jam & Chocolate Buttercream

Vanilla Cupcakes with Fig Jam & Chocolate Buttercream the full video recipe and detailed written explanation to bake this dessert at home with no stress.

Vegan Lemon Tart with torched Swiss Meringue

All the ingredients, recipes, video and details to make Vegan Lemon Tart With torched Swiss Meringue.