Vegan Sweet Shortcrust – all You need to know to succeed

We want to challenge you to veganize and improve any shortcrust recipe you come across, follow this tips and you will have no surprise 

Tips TO improve any Shortcrust recipe:

1. Use cold ingredients straight out of the fridge and the tools you are using should be in the fridge too.

2. Use Icing Sugar , you could use caster or normal sugar but you will not have the same consistency and texture .

3. Use weak flour, low protein, it will create a lighter texture and develop less gluten (do not overwork the dough!).

4. Adding maple syrup will give your dough a light golden look, your dessert will be eye catching.

5. Use a touch of lemon zest to give a vibrant flavor. 

6.If the recipe call for water use vegan milk instead (icing cold).

7. You can use both oil or butter to prepare your vegan shortcrust, but we find easier to handle using vegan butter (with 50% fat content or more).

9. Add a pinch of salt to your short crust, you always want to balance your recipe.

10. Don’t forget to add Vanilla, you can use essence, pod, or powder and you will not regret it.   

11. Use Blind baking to bake your shortcrust; this will ensure a better end result, you will have an evenly baked shortcrust tart.

Watch the video and keep reading to know how to make it and bake it

Vegan Sweet Shortcrust

How to make it and bake it:

  1. Always work with sifted  dry ingredients : sugar, flour.
  2. Mix the ingredients as little as possible until just incorporated.
  3. Work the dough in the stand mixer at low speed and if possible don’t touch it with your hands as the heat may melt the butter too much.
  4. Once the sugar, maple syrup and the butter are all mixed add the rest of the ingredients (dissolve a pinch of salt in some milk and add it to the mix) and keep mixing on low speed
  5. Wrap the dough in cling film. Let the dough rest in the fridge overnight if possible or for at least 5-6 hours. the structure will be more stable and easier to handle with the rolling pin.
  6. Vegan short crust Pastry is quite frail to handle so use two baking sheets to work the dough.
  7. If you feel the dough is melting or loosing consistency put it back in the fridge for 15-20 minutes and keep working on it once is colder.
  8. Use a fork to poke little holes around the bottom of your baking pan, not up the sides (this will prevent the heat from the bottom of  the oven from making the inside of the pastry case arc up once baking).
  9. If your oven doesn’t have a valve to control the humidity or vapor escape, bake the shortcrust with the door of the oven slightly open (make a small aluminum ball and leave it between the oven and the oven-door).
  10. Look the time your recipe is telling you to bake it and the last couple of minutes wait in front of your oven and look the color of your shortcrust. Once is perfectly baked it should be light golden. Remove it at this point otherwise, the more you keep it in the oven, after this point, the harder it will result once cooled.
  11. Wait that is completely cool before removing your tart from the pan.

If you have leftover you can freeze your sweet shortcrust and keep it for up to 1 month. You just need to unfreeze it in the fridge overnight before restart to work on it.

Let’s change the world today one dessert at the time.

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