Vanilla Cupcakes with Fig Jam & Chocolate Buttercream

Vanilla Cupcakes with Fig Jam & Chocolate Buttercream

Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

  • 175 gr All purpose flour (00) (sifted)
  • 175 gr Caster Sugar (sifted)
  • 1 tsp Baking powder
  • 175 gr Vegan butter (50% fat content or higher)
  • 20 gr of Aquafaba
  • 4 Tbps Vegan Milk (we used soy) + 1tsp lemon juice

Vegan Chocolate ButterCream

  • 250 gr Vegan butter * 
  • 300 gr Icing sugar 
  • 38 gr Cocoa powder 
  • a pinch of Salt

*You can use the one you prefer just keep in mind, that if the fat content is not 80% and you are following the proportion in this recipe, you may need to keep your cupcake in the fridge and leave them out before serving.

Fig Filling

  • 100 gr Sugar Free Fig Jam

How to bake Perfect moist Vanilla cupcakes:

Preheat the oven at 170 ºC fan on.

The butter you are using needs to be soft (at room temperature, if you press a finger into it, your finger should come out easily and with no butter attach, but just a light grease from it. The butter should hold its shape). Do not use Hard Butter or Melting Butter as you will have a different results.

Sift and mix the dry ingredients. It is essential to sift well all your dry ingredient to achieve a light, light airy and moist texture in your baked cupcakes.

Start mixing the butter for 1 minute at medium/high speed in your bowl. You want to cream the butter without making it loose to much consistency. Pay attention at this step as different vegan butters behave slightly different, you want to choose one that is stable while mixing and it doesn’t split or you will not have the desire result(if you don’t know the brand you are using trying is the only way). 

Add all the dry ingredients to the bowl and the aquafaba and mix until incorporated.

Add the remaining wet ingredients (milk + vinegar and vanilla), keep mixing for another 30 second at medium/high speed.

Mixing time in another critical point in order to have the perfect vanilla cupcakes. Mixing you want to incorporate just the right amount of air for you cupcakes to rise evenly, at the right height, while baking. Overmixing will result in a cupcake with a massive dome, while in the oven, that will collapse and shrink. Don’t mix enough your batter, and the cupcakes will be hard and not airy at all. So how do you know how much you need to mix your batter? Using a stand mixer you need to mix it at medium-high speed for a couple of minutes, you don’t want the butter to melt and release oil.

The consistency of the batter will be creamy homogeneous and you should be able to pour the batter in your cupcakes liners.

Fill the cupcake liners 2/3 full, you can use a spoon or simply pour it into the cups.

Bake it at 170 ºC for 25-28 minutes in the middle rack of your oven – the variance in time may depend on your actual inner oven temperature (if you want to have consistent results buy an oven thermometer). Leave the fan on for the first 2 minutes, then turn it off and keep baking in a static oven. Wait in front of your oven for the last couple of minutes to watch for your cupcakes color. Once your cupcakes are perfectly baked they will look slightly raised in the center and light golden color, remove from the oven at this point. They will feel still quite soft but once cooled they will have a perfect consistency.

Let the cupcakes cool on a cooling rack.

Using a piping bag, with a simple round tip, pipe the fig jam into your cupcakes. You need to insert the piping tip,  perpendicular to the cupcake, arriving to the center. Start gently squeezing, and as you squeeze, the bag lift it up until you reach the top of the cupcakes. 

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How to prepare The Vegan Chocolate Buttercream

For the best result use butter that is at room temperature.

Your butter need to have the right consistency. The perfect consistency for your butter, to make this recipe, means the butter will hold its shape. If you press into it, it will offer a little resistance, and your finger should come out just slightly cover and not fully grease with melted butter. With this general rule you can select the vegan butter you prefer.

Add The Butter to your mix bowl.

Using a stand mixer with the paddle attachment start creaming the butter at medium speed.

Add the salt and keep mixing.

Add the sifter cocoa powder. Add a spoon at the time if you are scaling the recipe to avoid messing all your working station. Keep mixing at medium speed.

Add the sifted icing sugar two tablespoons at the time. While mixing at medium speed and increasing to high speed after each addition.

Once all the sugar is fully incorporated keep mixing at High speed until light, airy and fluffy.

The Vegan chocolate Buttercream is ready to be used. Pipe it on your Vanilla Cupcakes that you have filled with fig jam and you have a new Vegan Cupcake Dessert to present for anyone to enjoy.

In the video we are finish our vegan vanilla cupcakes piping the chocolate buttercream with a Russian Ball Piping Tip  and decorating with some chopped chocolate and Amarena Cherry.

Note that in this recipe we are keeping the sugar to a minimum to have structure without adding to much sugar. Because we are reducing the sugar content, in the recipe, you may need to keep your cupcakes in the fridge and leave it out 30min to 1 hour before serving it.

We hope you are going to bake this recipe with us! 

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This Post Has One Comment

  1. besetting

    I like what yօu ɡuys tend to be ᥙp too.
    This kind of clever work and сoverage! Keep up the
    good works guys I’ve incorporɑted you guys to my blogroll.

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